Cold Foods Reflection



Throughout the foods 20 cold foods module I have learned how to prepare salads and sandwiches so that they are healthy and appealing. I have learned how to successfully work in a group so that our time is used efficiently and the quality of the finished product is good.

Something I have never done before that I did during the unit is make Cobb salad and Pesto pasta salad. Personally I have never really made any salads before so it was refreshing to try something new every class.

I am really proud of my blog and how I actually got some people to notice it! I am also proud of the Cuban sandwich, though unhealthy was very delicious.

I am least proud of my attitude for the black box, I was fed up with how previous classes never washed their kitchens. I was wrong to judge them because they never have enough time to clean up. If I could do it again I would fix my attitude.

My favorite activity was the Cuban sandwich with the delicious melted Swiss cheese and toasted Cuban bun. My least favorite activity was the black box, but as I said previously I was angry because of the last class and how they never cleaned up.

My favorite recipe was the Cuban sandwich. This is because I was hungry at the time and the sandwich was just what the doctor ordered.

Yes. I have completed all objectives and labs.

I would only change my attitude during the black box, that is it.




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